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V150 Series

The V150 by Marquis was designed with the top selling Vector 21 styling in mind. The V150 can be outfitted with a multitude of options such as Adagio audio system, interior and exterior LED lighting systems, in-line sanitation systems and more.
With seating for 9+ and at almost thirteen feet long the V150 is the largest spa on the market. Whether you're in the market for a large family spa, a party spa for entertaining or a swim spa but don't have the room, the V150 is amazingly versatile, visually stunning and it's performance is unmatched in the spa industry.
The V150 is equipped with all the features that have made the Vector 21 line such a success including the V-O-L-T System, Whitewater 4 jets and Constant Clean Technology.


Zero Down
$340.28 Per Mo.

The V150W Swim and Workout Vessel has all the attributes of the V150, with a focus on providing ample space to cycle, jog, row, swim, workout or just play around. It’s the personal aquatic multi-use gym you've always wanted, perfect for any age and fitness level. 

V150W features four Whitewater-4™ jets in the swim end and 21 Jetpods in the therapy end—including two footwell Jetpods for soothing foot and leg massage. Four massage seats deliver enormous therapy benefits, with plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy.

The V150W is perfect for families. The adults can enjoy hydrotherapy in the 4 seats while the kids can swim in the pool end. The V150W is truly a revolutionary Hot Tub and Pool Hybrid.


Zero Down
$340.28 Per Mo.

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