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Hot Tub Water Care

Let’s face it, owning a hot tub is a big decision. But, when the benefits are weighed out, it really doesn’t take much to come to the realization: you have to have one. Think it over; sore muscles are treated to hydrotherapy to release tension; hot water courses over tight muscles relaxing and opening the blood vessels; aromatherapy tantalizes your senses. Time to get to the hot tub retailer, pronto!

A hot tub does require some TLC to keep water safe and clean. Hot tub water care IS important. Both a sanitizer and an oxidizer do the work so each time you enter the hot tub your water is clean, clear and pristine. The type of water care you choose is completely up to you, however, something easy and convenient is what most people want and look for in a hot tub.

Water Management Systems

Many hot tubs today have some sort of water management system incorporated into the hot tub. Some use ozone, which will help to remove, oxidize or eradicate organics. An ozone unit produces no residual amount of ozone and is difficult to measure. You must use what is called “residual sanitizer” to have something to measure a sanitizer in your hot tub; making ozone a perfect companion for either chlorine or bromine.

Chlorine and Bromine

First, let’s highlight the two most recognized sanitizers for the hot tub: chlorine and bromine. While they are not the only type of sanitizers available for water treatment, they are definitely the most common and preferred. Bromine may be used in lower amounts, about 1 to 2 parts per million, while chlorine is recommended to be used in 3 to 5 parts per million. The convenience of chlorine is a factor in some decisions; it is available in a granular form which allows the user to add just a little when they exit the hot tub to assure their water is ready for the next use. Bromine is said to be better smelling and less irritating. Really, it is a personal preference.

In-Line Systems

The ConstantClean™ water management system utilizes Spa Frog® in-line system, which is a bromine-based sanitizer. Built right into the plumbing line, an in-line system integrates the Spa Frog® mineral and the bromine cartridge directly into the plumbing of the spa making it simple to use and cost effective. Best of all, the cartridges are pre-filled. With an in-line system by Spa Frog®, the use of bromine or chlorine as a residual sanitizer has been approved by the EPA to be at the lowest levels of parts per million for either sanitizer of any method currently in use. Simple water chemistry leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy your hot tub.

The Importance of Minerals

Minerals have been used for water treatment for thousands of years, from Phoenicians to Pioneers, the use of silver flasks, coins and other items containing these minerals have been employed to keep drinking water from becoming brackish. Back then the properties of silver and why it changed the flavor of water was unknown, but today we have found that there are antibacterial properties in silver compounds. An in-line system offers other benefits which include water conditioning for a soft silky feel. As an added bonus, the Spa Frog® cartridge helps keep the pH balanced and stable. Simply turn the knob on the in-line dispenser to remove, and then toss the cartridge when spent. Nothing could be easier.

Spa Frog® Experience

Spa Frog® minerals have been used in hot tubs for over 10 years with thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. With an in-line Spa Frog® system, the guesswork is taken out. EPA approved and gentle on the skin, you’ll be glad you chose a Spa Frog® in-line sanitation system. With water care made simple by Marquis®, now you are just one step closer to loving your spa.

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