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In The Spirit of a Wish


As a society we strive for our children to enjoy life through programs, schools and after-school activities. We proudly cheer at soccer games, rush to make the after-school recitals, boo the referee when he makes a bad call on the baseball diamond. As parents we wish the best for our children, we wish for them to be happy and joyful. However, this wish is often more difficult when a child is sick or has a life-threatening medical condition over which there is no control.

There are some parents who must wake up and worry about their sick or ailing child, each and every day. For these parents, the illness is beyond their control and in these times we are reminded how precious life is and in some cases, how short. Some days are better for them than others, but still challenging, because we as parents worry for our children. These parents wish for something to make it easier, something to make their child feel better. Sometimes the children have wishes too. If your child was sick and made a wish, wouldn’t you want it to come true?

Marquis® Makes a Difference

At Make-A-Wish, a wish comes true every 37 minutes for a child who has a life threatening condition. Fortunately, Make-A-Wish has partners all over the world helping to grant wishes, including Marquis® who over the past 15 years has donated more than $3.5M in spa donations and discounts for the Make-A-Wish program.

The sponsorship was inspired by a 17-year-old girl, Andrea, whose wish was to have a hot tub in her backyard. Andrea had to endure chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but wished that she had a hot tub to provide some relief from the physical distress the treatments often caused. That was in 2000, and now, 15 years later and cancer-free, Andrea continues to enjoy her Marquis® hot tub. Her wish inspired Marquis® to help with similar wishes.

Take Ethan’s wish, the 600th wish granted on behalf of Marquis®. Ethan battles a congenital cardiac condition. When he was younger, he suffered cardiac arrest, his heart stopped and he was left unable to walk or talk. Now seventeen, Ethan loves going to the beach and swimming. He also enjoys being around people and socializing.

Given Ethan’s love for socializing and water, he knew right away what his wish was when Make-A-Wish wish granters visited him. With the help of his echo-machine that speaks for him, Ethan shared that his one true wish was for a swim spa. A swim spa provides him with a place he can move around beyond the restrictions of his wheelchair.

About Make-A-Wish®

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. According to a 2011 U.S. study of wish impact, most health professionals surveyed believe a wish-come-true has positive impacts on the health of children. Kids say wishes give them renewed strength to fight their illness, and their parents say these experiences help strengthen the entire family. Headquartered in Phoenix, Make-A-Wish is one of the world’s leading children’s charities, serving children in every community in the United States and its territories. With the help of generous donors and more than 27,000 volunteers, they have granted more than 254,000 wishes since its inception in 1980; more than 14,200 in 2014 alone. Visit Make-A-Wish at to learn more.

About Marquis®

Marquis®, an employee-owned company based in Independence, Oregon, has been manufacturing spas since 1980. Employees/owners take great pride in the quality and performance of the products they build. They have now surpassed 600 wishes granted and are still making a difference by announcing the April Spirit of a Wish campaign.

Spirit of a Wish

The Spirit of a Wish campaign was developed specifically to help Make-A-Wish receive donations and now you can be a part of it too. Visit your local Marquis® Retailer during the month of April and for every Wish, Spirit or ATV™ hot tub sold during the month of April, Marquis® will donate $100 to Make–A-Wish. Now you can make wishes come true, one for you and one for someone else. Turn a wish into a reality and visit your local Marquis® retailer. To find one near you, search

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