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What is MicroSilk?

For hundreds of years, many have tried to defeat the effects of aging, seeking that youthful, glowing appearance. Cosmetic companies count on our dollars as they sell various creams, gels and lotions that would tighten and firm, smooth and renew as well as restore luster to otherwise dull skin. If only they delivered on their promises. From milk baths to body oils, luxury creams to restorative gels, no one has yet to discover the mythical “fountain of youth”. With one simple word – “MicroSilk®”, it is now possible to experience skin renewal that will bring softer, cleaner skin, in the form of a detoxification treatment that will benefit overall health and well- being.

Now the same hydrotherapy that results in relaxed muscles and stress relieving massage may now also provide the benefit of rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells. Your hot tub becomes not only a haven for sore and tired muscles, it will also become a natural way to moisturize, exfoliate and lift out toxins from the very pores of your skin.

Tiny microbubbles will promote cell growth with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, slowing the changes in our bodies caused by time. While this may sound like science-fiction, MicroSilk® is based on actual science.

Oxygen is a natural occurring element that is vital to life. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it requires moisture; it needs to be re-hydrated to stay soft and supple. Our skin protects us, shields us from harm and sun exposure, yet it is fragile and when uncared for, can darken, wrinkle, turn ashy and dry. Lotions and oils temporarily remove the dryness, but that same lotion can often fill our pores. Breakouts, rashes and rough patches can and do develop over time. There are many who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. You may ask what can be done, if there is no miracle cure, how does one deal with the effects of the sun, skin ailments, dry skin and aging? Now you can have a specialized treatment that is so kind to the skin, you’ll never want to be without it. Microsilk® is a relatively new water treatment which when used over time can improve and nourish the skin. With real results, you’ll find silky effervescence in each oxygen rich microbubble as it is introduced to the skin and you’ll feel better, even energized.

MicroSilk® delivers thousands upon thousands of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles through the jetted orifice of a hot tub to create a soothing, silky feel of effervescence which reaches deep into pores and lifts away impurities, all while moisturizing the skin and leaving behind baby-soft skin. The bubbles are so small the water appears milky white, filled with oxygenated warmth just waiting to caress, gently clean, moisturize and detoxify the skin.

Oxygen is known to stimulate the natural production of collagen. Collagen is lost as we age, so by using the Microsilk® we are rebalancing and revitalizing our skin. Although there are several types of collagen in the body, elastin and collagen together create the strength, firmness and elasticity in the second layer of skin, the dermis. As you age, collagen production slows down, resulting in a loss of elasticity of the skin, which then creates wrinkles and fine lines. Smoking and exposure to UV rays may also contribute to loss of collagen. Medically, plastic surgeons have used “collagen replacement therapy” to help scarring and healing wounds in addition to smoothing facial lines and enhancing full lip lines. But the time and monetary investment is only worth a three to six month temporary fix. Also, treatment has to be followed up every three to six months with additional injections. By naturally stimulating the growth of collagen with the MicroSilk® feature on Marquis ® hot tubs, you will now have the ability to get oxygen-rich bubbles right into the pores. There’s no reason to worry about the timing of your next visit, you’ll have the hot tub ready and waiting just for you.

MicroSilk® is used by some of the finest spas and salons, which offer sessions, you can set an appointment, soak once, pay the fee and wish you had one at home. Or you can have those same sessions in the privacy and quiet, without leaving home, right in your own backyard!

Ask for MicroSilk® the next time you visit your Marquis® hot tub retailer. Youth is no longer a mystery, now you can have it with the push of a button on a Marquis® hot tub. Say goodbye to the fine lines and wrinkles and hello to hydration. MicroSilk® and Marquis®, two brands you just can’t do without.

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