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Hot Tub accessories with Style

The decision to buy a hot tub has been made; plenty of research went into it, the brand, the color, right down to the color of cover and the cabinet. Now it’s time to accessorize the hot tub… with style! What kind of hot tub accessories are available and what’s the big deal? Many first time owners will overlook very important needs for their comfort and safety. Here are a few things every spa owner should consider adding to their hot tub.

  • The Step: A must have. Most spas average 35-38” inches in height. Sure the hot tub is a warm and cozy 102 degrees but not helpful if there isn’t a step nearby to safely enter. Surround systems are becoming quite popular with a place for entertaining as well as storage and cabinet features in some. Buyers beware; always look for any outdoor accessory to a hot tub to be sure they are made from all-weather outdoor material which will stand the test of time. Nothing flimsy will do when it comes to safety; after all, hot water provides relaxation; no one should make exiting a hot tub a challenge by choosing a wobbly step made from extruded, flimsy, plastic. Spend a little more now to be comfortable and safe and your investment will most likely pay off later. Durable steps are a must have for any spa owner.

  • The Cover Lift: A necessity for most but often overlooked. The cover lift device retracts the cover and stows it away so as not to inconvenience the user and protect the cover from damage. It is certainly no surprise there are many cover lift manufacturers, but find one used by the spa manufacturer who regularly inspects the product and assures specifications are met. Cheap knock offs can mean trouble down the road with lifters made from steel instead of aluminum, locking mechanisms that break and overall quality that can ruin the cover. Whether the cover needs to drop behind the hot tub or create a privacy screen, try to find one specific to hot tub placement and which will provide the desired effect.

  • Entertaining: Space solutions are out there, dependent on the willingness to share. Hot tub owners don’t always advertise they have a hot tub, it just means more people over to entertain in a space that is personal. If sharing the delightful experience of hot tubbing is in the future, decide if there is enough seating area for entertaining or a place to host your special event. Surrounds, shelves, towel bars, storage components are all items that may be added to the hot tub to accommodate more space and allow for seating and comfort for those additional users. Stools and bars provide seating area for food and drink making any occasion a happy one.

  • Bring on the fun: Time to add the fun! There are tons of choices from floating bars to rubber ducks. Even stimulating the senses, adding fragrance can evoke the senses and bring about peace and satisfaction as the olfactory senses are affected by the fragrance of choice. Many hot tubs today come with built-in aromatherapy which, relaxing or stimulating, may bring back soothing memories such as lavender fields or sandalwood incense. Whatever the choice, whether entertaining or calming the senses, choosing the right accessories suited to your own individual style can bring years of enjoyment.

Now armed with all the information needed to accessorize with style, contact a local Marquis® retailer who carries the Environments™ all-weather outdoor surround systems and SpaBoutique™ accessories. Find everything from cover lifters to fragrances, as well as well-built, quality Environments™ which will surround the hot tub to complete the entire hot tub haven in your own backyard.

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